A Little Love Sonnet for your Monday Morning

Our Night

Profound sense gave to each other as we dance’d

Was felt by the world and this fact is true.

We gaze’d and laugh’d, caught in embrace, romance’d.

Each site of you spark’d rapid pulse anew.

The days I spent, at night our love did write,

Fell not to the ground, but on perfect eyes

To gather, until your flame went so white,

Yet then burn’d off hot, able to cut our ties.

What passion! what depth! knows my soul from thee.

My heart will beat no more for my purpose

But yours it obeys, it longs; can it be

That our time shall be my heart’s greatest opus.

Yet love is sewn no more in me, Seamstress.

O! To be heard no more and seen much less.



Greetings Comrades,

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