1:11 A.M.

John Keen__
It’s 1:11 A.M. I am quite hypnotized at this point.
Lupe Fiasco-
” Such an old soul in the sonic youth. ”
” Failures my last name, nevers my first. You see I hood a lot, and yeah I nerd some. Hoods where the heart is, Nerds where the words from. ”
” When they was on the back of a nickel like Monticello. When the underworld had to be smarter than Donatello. No honor amongst fellows. It’s harder than sitting with a blind man and trying to descibe yellow.
Beamin’ Up Here (Lupe Fiasco- Beaming Vs. Royksopp- Happy Up Here)
HypnotizedbyPorcelain (B.I.G.- Hypnotized Vs. Moby- Porcelain)

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