Coney Island Baby


Creation ruse.

win or lose

I threw the game.

Its jazz or blues.

Art of Romy Bluemel

What is this?

I’m back from the dead.

Life’s a Bitch and then you Die…

… that’s why we get high. Cause you never know when your going to go.
Art by Tetsuya Ishida

And they Spoke of Tin and Bronze

Art by Brian Despain.

Oh sick beauty

you drive me toward nothing

you are so objective

I will never find your end.

guide me



-Art by Paul Roberts

Summer chanted to me in madness, a delirious language. “Our storm could never take you from here, from those moments.” Bitterly she moans sordid and ugly visions.

To The discord Of many hearts

All art is the product of Justin Richel. I figure that you should also have equally beautiful melodies for free! Straight from my headphones to yours.

MF Doom/Ghostface Killah/De La Soul- Rock Kokane Flow

The White Panda- The Next Starfucker (Snoop & Dre Vs. Starfucker)

Caribou- Sun

*Original* La Main Noire- The Mountain Named Monkey (Gorillaz Vs. The Books)

I am the spectator…

I watch the world passing by from here.