To The discord Of many hearts

All art is the product of Justin Richel. I figure that you should also have equally beautiful melodies for free! Straight from my headphones to yours.

MF Doom/Ghostface Killah/De La Soul- Rock Kokane Flow

The White Panda- The Next Starfucker (Snoop & Dre Vs. Starfucker)

Caribou- Sun

*Original* La Main Noire- The Mountain Named Monkey (Gorillaz Vs. The Books)

Twisted Tuesday

Original Mashup!!!
Journal 24
(Huey Maino- 24/7/365 Vs. Class Actress- Journal of Ardency)

Twisted Tuesday

New for every Tuesday from now through eternity I will be posting original mashups for everyone to have. Please repost these, send them to your friends, or just download it and enjoy it yourself. Thank you for all the support we have been getting and with that I promise that we will always give you original content here at La Main.
Real Cash (Wu Tang Clan- C.R.E.A.M Vs. Binary Star- Reality Check)
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Lazy Sunday

So on Sundays I’m just looking to chill and listen to all the best music of the interwebs. Thus our new Lazy Sunday posts are going to be all content we find across the blogosphere.  Direct from my midwest bombshelter here’s the Sunday sound track.

1. Xaphoon Jones- Testify (Radiohead & Kayne)
Xaphoon has been on his game for awhile now. His most recent endeavour has been with rapper Chiddy Bang. I love the Lupe verse on this mash.

2. Pendulum vs. Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre: Still Grey / Next Episode
This was dropped by a bit ago. H.T. and I discussed how Snoop is the most quintessential rapper there is. He does it with such style too.

3. DJ Bahler- Forty Winks (Passion Pit VS Goldfrapp VS Mary O’Hara)
I met this fine gentleman on facebook the other day and I would like to say this track says it all. Such a smooth and dynamic mash. Passion Pit is also the sun and the cosmos to me so you can see why I enjoy this track so much.!/DJBAHLER?ref=ts

4. Wolfmother- Where Eagles Have Been
You guys can thank Quick for this gem. I really have nothing to say other than epic.

5. Zed’s Dead- White Satin
Zed’s Dead is my electronic guilty pleasure. Zed’s dead baby.


1:11 A.M.

John Keen__
It’s 1:11 A.M. I am quite hypnotized at this point.
Lupe Fiasco-
” Such an old soul in the sonic youth. ”
” Failures my last name, nevers my first. You see I hood a lot, and yeah I nerd some. Hoods where the heart is, Nerds where the words from. ”
” When they was on the back of a nickel like Monticello. When the underworld had to be smarter than Donatello. No honor amongst fellows. It’s harder than sitting with a blind man and trying to descibe yellow.
Beamin’ Up Here (Lupe Fiasco- Beaming Vs. Royksopp- Happy Up Here)
HypnotizedbyPorcelain (B.I.G.- Hypnotized Vs. Moby- Porcelain)

P.S. New songs in the cube.


Devils Puppet Children

Surprise! New O.G. mashup for you to cruise to on your Friday excursions.
Devils Puppet Children
Ratatat- Party with Children Vs. Dr. Dre- Puppet Master Vs. The Rolling Stones- Sympathy for the Devil

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The Good, The Bad, and Doom

The Good, The Bad, and Doom
La main noire is proud to present an original mashup.
MF Doom- Vomit Vs. Ennio Morricone- L’Estasi Dell’Oro
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