Morgan Blair is beautiful


Manic Monday

– Jen Stark 
These are paper sculptures how cool is that. If you havn’t noticed site udate too I think it flows much better and we are working on purchasing the domain also so look for that. New Sound cloud box that a way —-> Check it out for 21 plus mashups you know you’re interested. Lastly there’s a Banksy piece on the end that is as awesome as a smooth fixed gear bike next to a snapping turtle on my bike path.

Paint Your City

City’s with only business districts and industrial parks make Versicolor sad. Here’s some of my favorite urban art and something to listen to while you check them out. FC Kahuna- Hayling <—- This is worth clicking

P.S. I know a good amount of these are Banksy but how can you deny the master.

1:11 A.M.

John Keen__
It’s 1:11 A.M. I am quite hypnotized at this point.
Lupe Fiasco-
” Such an old soul in the sonic youth. ”
” Failures my last name, nevers my first. You see I hood a lot, and yeah I nerd some. Hoods where the heart is, Nerds where the words from. ”
” When they was on the back of a nickel like Monticello. When the underworld had to be smarter than Donatello. No honor amongst fellows. It’s harder than sitting with a blind man and trying to descibe yellow.
Beamin’ Up Here (Lupe Fiasco- Beaming Vs. Royksopp- Happy Up Here)
HypnotizedbyPorcelain (B.I.G.- Hypnotized Vs. Moby- Porcelain)

P.S. New songs in the cube.


Visual Chocolate

For your ocular pleasure La Main Noire presents the five artists of the week
There are two pieces for each artist. In order Mark Weaver, Ryan Sanchez, Hunter Stabler, Skye Walker, and L’animal dans la Decoration.